How Can You Maximize Your Emergency Fund's Earning Potential?

If you’re saving toward retirement, you likely have at least some of these savings in the stock market. Stock growth and dividend reinvestment can significantly increase your long-term earning potential, helping you retire sooner. However, the level of short-term risk inherent with stocks and bonds can be too high for you to want to place your emergency savings in the market. What safer investments are available that will help you earn more than a few pennies in interest?

How To Calculate The Yearly Required Minimum Distribution For A Traditional IRA

An individual retirement account provides an effective method to defer income taxes on earned income. The interest earned in a traditional IRA also grows tax-free until distributed. However, the owner of a traditional IRA must eventually begin to annually calculate and withdraw an amount referred to as a required minimum distribution. Early retirement phase After you reach age 59 12, you can withdraw funds from a traditional IRA without limitation or penalty.